Our Programme
This programme aims to train and disseminate knowledge and know-how to a diverse group of people: those working for the food industries, government, research or non-profit organisations and in the agriculture food chain who carry responsibility for the control of different aspects of food safety in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other countries.
Entrance Scholarship and Distinction and Merit Scholarships are awarded to the outstanding students.
Field Trip
Visit to food manufacturing companies in Hong Kong or Guangdong will be arranged.
Career Opportunities
Graduates will be equipped with a solid knowledge base in chemical, life and analytical science to support their career developments in food analysis and food safety management and further education in related fields.

The Department of Biology and the Department of Chemistry are together launching a new MSc in Food Analysis and Food Safety Management Programme for professionals working in the food analysis laboratories and in food production industries in September 2013.


Core Courses

Food Chemistry (3 units)

Food Microbiology (3 units)

Food Toxicology (3 units)

Food Analysis (3 units)

Food Quality, Law and Safety Management (3 units)

Analytical Process and Applied Satistics (2 units)

Sample Pretreatment Methods (1 unit)

Food Analysis Laboratory (3 units)

Dissertation in Food Analysis and Food Safety Management (3 units)


Elective Courses (A total of 3 units to be selected from the followings)

Analytical Spectroscopy for Food Analysis (3 units)

Management of Public Health Risks (3 units)

Separation Science (3 units)

Laboratory Management (2 units)

Mass Spectrometry for Food Analysis (1 unit)

Pharmaceutical and Traditional Chinese Medicinal Analysis (1 unit)

Advanced Study on Food Safety Management System (1 unit)


Total programme units: 27

Programme Duration

One year