Our Programme
The Department of Chemistry has offered the programme of MSc in Analytical Chemistry to train professionals working analytical and testing industry since 1992.
Merit Scholarship, Prof HUIE Wah Kit Memorial Scholarship, and Baptist Chemists Advancement Award are awarded to the outstanding students.
Seminars are frequently hosted to update and enlighten students on the current trends and developments of chemical analysis and also in analytical problems of global and local interests.
Welcome Dinner
Freshmen are joined together to enjoy the welcome dinner in the orientation day.

Full Time Programme


Core Courses

Analytical Process and Applied Statistics (2 units, 24 hours)
Analytical Spectroscopy (2 units, 24 hours)
Chemical Instrumentation (2 units, 24 hours)
Laboratory Management (2 units, 24 hours)
Selected Topics in Analytical Chemistry (2 units, 24 hours)
Separation Science (3 units, 36 hours)

Elective Courses (Any Four Units)

Bioanalysis (1 unit, 12 hours)
Chemosensor and Biosensor (1 unit, 12 hours)
Electroanalytical Chemistry (1 unit, 12 hours)
Environmental Analysis and Monitoring (1 unit, 12 hours)
Food Safety Analysis (2 units, 24 hours)
Forensic Analysis (1 unit, 12 hours)
Mass Spectrometric Analysis (1 unit, 12 hours)
Pharmaceutical and Traditional Chinese Medicinal Analysis (1 unit, 12 hours)
Surface Analysis (1 unit, 12 hours)
Sample Pretreatment Methods (1 unit, 12 hours)
Food Analysis (3 units, 36 hours)
Food Microbiology for Chemists (1 unit, 12 hours)
Nanomaterial Analysis (1 unit, 12 hours)

Seminars (2 units, 8 hours)

Advanced Analytical Laboratories (4 units, 100 hours)

M.Sc. Dissertation (6 units, 200 hours)

Programme Duration

12 Months


Scholarship Requirements
Merit Award

To be awarded to full-time students on the basis of their academic result in the first semester and to part-time students on the basis of their academic result in the first year of the study programme.

Prof HUIE Wah Kit Memorial Scholarship    Provide scholarships to BSc graduates with good academic qualification on entry as well as the performance on the first semester.