Name: JI Fenfen 
Year of graduation: 2014
Current position: Ph.D. Student (Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong)
Practical, comprehensive, cost-effective, and very useful M.Sc. programme
Name: WONG Tsz Fung
Year of graduation: 2014
Current position: Research Assistant (Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong)
This programme definitely enhances my knowledge in analytical chemistry. Also, my practical skill is improved significantly by performing various experiments.


Name: SHIN Yuk Yee
Year of graduation: 2013
Current position: Assistant Curator II (Conservation) – Furnitures and Fixtures (Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong)
The programme equips me for pursuing a better career.
Name: CAO Fan
Year of graduation: 2012
Current position: Ph.D. Student (Louisiana State University, U.S.A.)
The programme is very interesting and compact. Practical knowledge is gained from the taught courses and laboratory classes.


Name: MAK Chun Kong
Year of graduation: 2011
Current position: Ph.D. Student (University of Muenster, Germany)
Thanks to this M.Sc. programme, I was bridged to Europe. It is a compact programme providing the basics in analytical chemistry. Surprisingly, I have been applying most the knowledge during my Ph.D. study in Germany.
Name: WU Kwok Yiu
Year of graduation: 2011
Current position: QC Manager (Li Chung Shing Tong (Holdings) Ltd., Hong Kong)
From the courses of laboratory management, I knew how to allocate resources efficiently and manage the quality supervision and inspection department. This helps to ensure the quality and the safety of the products.


Name: CHAN Hoi Yan 
Year of graduation: 2010
Current position: Assistant Curator II (Conservation) – Chinese Buildings (Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong)
The M.Sc. programme definitely enriches my knowledge in both the theoretical principles and applications of modern analytical tools in advanced chemical analysis. I am grateful to the various learning opportunities given, from the lectures to the experiments. Lectures here are interactive. I was always motivated to think from multiple perspectives. The independent research project had greatly enhanced my problem solving skills. Throughout the project, I was inspired to find out the applications of instrumental techniques in real-life situations. The programme has been a really rewarding experience to me.
Name: YAU Shun Kit
Year of graduation: 2009
Current position: Chemist (Hong Kong Government Laboratory, Hong Kong)
I, being a forensic scientist specialized in the DNA analysis, have spent most of my time working and pursing different aspects in the biochemical arena. This M.Sc. program has provided an entrance for me to the world of analytical chemistry in which I can use a brand new angle to look at my work. The taught materials in the program, such as the analytical theory and instrumentation as well as the experimental design and quality assurance, have provided new perspective and useful tools for me. I guess all my classmates shared the same fruitful and valuable learning experience at the HKBU as I do.


Name: POON Wing Tat
Year of graduation: 2004
Current position: Chemical Pathologist (Public Hospital, Hong Kong)
As a chemical pathologist, a good scientific training is essential to better prepare myself for the many challenges in laboratory medicine. The course combining theory and practical experience, has greatly enriched mu knowledge of various techniques in chemical analysis. I would highly recommend this course.
Name: KO Andy
Year of graduation: 1998
Current position: Deputy Managing Director & Technical Director (China Dragon Inspection & Certification (HK) Co., Ltd., Hong Kong)
Like many other HKBU graduates, I am now working in a commercial testing laboratory – China Dragon Inspection & Certification (HK) Co., Ltd. – in Hong Kong as a Technical Director / Deputy Managing Director. In these days, more and more of our existing senior staff, including those staff employed from other testing laboratories, obtained the degrees in Chemistry / Analytical Chemistry from HKBU. In other words, that proves that HKBU's B.Sc. Course in Chemistry & M.Sc. course in Analytical Chemistry is very successful in contribution to the local chemical testing industry. Finally, I hope the whole Faculty of Chemistry will continue to keep up with all the good works in the future.


Name: YEUNG Kwok Cheung
Year of graduation: 1994
Current position: Senior Lecturer (Department of Applied Science, IVE (Sha Tin), Hong Kong)
Through the course, I gained much in-depth knowledge of the theoretical principles of the modern techniques of chemical analysis and I could apply such knowledge when teaching my students. The course is suitable for professional working in
analytical chemistry and related areas where they could deepen and broaden their knowledge in the field.