Recognition from the Hong Kong Association for Testing, Inspection and Certification Ltd
The FIRST and the ONLY one MSc programme in Hong Kong joining the Professional Certification Scheme of Testing Personnel (PCSTP) of “Chemical Testing”
Over 20 years in training of analytical and testing professionals with extensive networking in the industrial field
Excellent prospects of employment and further study
High employment rate in the industrial field and chance of further study of MPhil and PhD in local and oversea after graduation
Excellence in analytical chemistry
State Key Laboratory of Environmental and Biological Analysis – The FIRST and the ONLY one analytical chemistry related state key laboratory in Hong Kong
Excellence in chemical analysis
Two accredited laboratories under Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) to provide the highest quality and technical standards of chemical analysis – The UNIQUE feature among the universities in Hong Kong
High quality research in chemistry
The highest output-per-subject of publications in chemistry in Hong Kong with quality well above the national average according to Nature Index 2014 China report


Analytical Chemistry


Ms. CHAN, Carol S. P.
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Analytical Chemistry

May 2019


MSc in Analytical Chemistry

 The Department of Chemistry of Hong Kong Baptist University has offered the programme of MSc in Analytical Chemistry to train professionals working in analytical and testing industry since 1992.

 The programme of MSc in Analytical Chemistry has been formally recognized by the Hong Kong Association for Testing, Inspection, and Certification (HKTIC), in which our graduates can be certified as a Certified Testing Professional (CTP) in the field of chemical testing.

Short Courses in Analytical Chemistry

 Six courses selected from the programme of MSc in Analytical Chemistry are offered to professionals in the industrial field to upgrade their knowledge.