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0086-14715493088 (Mainland China)

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Hong Kong Campus

Hong Kong Baptist University - Department of Chemistry

Mailing Address
Dr. Ka-Leung Wong
Department of Chemistry,
Kowloon Tong,
Hong Kong

Mainland Campus
1. Hong Kong Baptist University – Institute of Research and Continuing Education (IRACE)

Mailing Address
A211, Virtual University Park Building, South area Hi-tech Industrial Park, Shenzhen, 518057, China
深圳市高新区南区虚拟大学园A211室, 邮编 518057


2. Hong Kong Baptist University - Changshu Research Institute (CRI)
香港浸會 大學常熟研究院.

Mailing Address

Description: Lui Seng Chun

 常熟經濟技術開發區科創園生態園路8號, 邮编215500






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Changshu Research Institute (CRI) and laboratory inside