Ka-Leung Wong, Gary

Dr. Ka-Leung Wong (Gary) has his research field which mainly focuses on lanthanide chemistry for spectroscopy studies and molecular imaging. He completed a PhD degree with Professor Wing-Tak Wong in the University of Hong Kong in 2006, following two-year post-doctoral with Professor Michael Hon-Wah Lam in the City University of Hong Kong and one-year Royal Society Post-doctoral fellowship with Professor David Parker in Durham. In September 2009, he returned to Hong Kong and joined the department of chemistry in Hong Kong Baptist University as a faculty member. He was once invited to give speeches in many famed universities in France, Singapore, Poland and other countries. Dr. Gary Wong has already published more than 70 articles in peer reviewed Journals with more than 1800 cited counts. (h-index = 27)

黄嘉良博士主要从事化学生物学,镧系元素化学和光谱等方面的研究。1999-2002 - 在香港城市大学取得应用化学学士学位, 导师是 Peter A. Tanner 教授;2002-2006 -  在香港大学取得化学博士学位,师从黄永徳教授;2006-2008 - 在香港城市大学生物与化学学院做研究员;2008-2009-在英国杜伦大学化学院做博士后,导师是皇家学会院士 David Parker 教授,在此期间,获得英国皇家学会研究奖学金。现如今,为香港浸会大学化学院助理教授, 香港大学化学院名誉助理教授。曾获邀去法国,新加坡,波兰等国内外一些知名院校做演讲。相关研究成果已在 PNAS, J. Am. Chem. Soc.,Angew. Chemie. Int. Ed.,Adv. Mater., Chem.  Commun., 等国际学术期刊上发表论文70余篇,引用次数多达1800多次,h-影响因子为27。