Ka-Leung Wong (Gary) Research Group

Our research focus:

We are a lanthanide-related research group focusing on the design, synthesis and application of lanthanide-based molecular and nanomaterial probes in conjunction with multi-photon spectroscopy and biological applications, such as early diagnosis kits. We also enjoy fruitful collaborations with academic and industrial research groups in UK (Durham and Imperial), France (Paris and Strasbourg), and the USA (New York) as well as several leading laboratories in Hong Kong and mainland China.

We specialize in:

  • Multi-functional Metal-Based Systems and Nano-Materials for Biological Applications

  • Fundamental and Predetermined Spectroscopy Studies of Luminescent Lanthanide Materials

    Lanthanide luminescence for….  


We welcome everyone interested in our reaseraches to know more about us and we also would like to introduce the Dual-PhD programme which students can obtain two PhD degrees in HKBU and The Ohio State University.